Debt Snowball Sheet

Your debt snowball method has existed for some time – yes, more than Dave Ramsey. As they appears is the one that chose to make this method famous (and attainable), the snowball method (also called “avalanche”) has been around use by money savvy folk for a long time. I’ll admit, I only began that way after my Mother experienced the Dave Ramsey program and that i saw how good it labored on her.

We’ve been doing the snowball way of just a little more than a year. Let me tell you at this time, the very first year you do not seem like you’re coming to a progress. Not a chance. I sitting there thinking “is this working??” But, at the beginning of this season, I finally first viewed it begin to work. This past year we compensated off just one debt, however this year we’ve already compensated off two – and it is only Feb! So, based on your financial troubles situation and just how much spare cash you’ve every month, it might take a year to begin seeing stuff disappear. I can’t wait for a day it’s all gone.

I actually do use my auto-calculating snowball worksheet, however i also employ a personal debt snowball worksheet to keep an eye on each payment. My auto-calculating sheet only informs me just how much I’ve compensated off and what’s left. These worksheets go payment-by-payment and all of your debt info in one location.

Print off one worksheet per debt. Then, place it inside your household financial binder. I recommend writing lower the confirmation number (that is always supplied with online payments, including bill pay using your bank). This way if your payment isn’t credited or received, you’ve proof immediately when you need it!

Download your free copy from the worksheet below. I have to update the Printables page wonderful these sheets I’ve been releasing for 2015, and can soon.

debt payoff snowball sheet


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  • It’s taken us 6 years but we are debt free other than our mortgage. This has been a hard journey but so glad it’s done?.

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